Industrial Roll

High Capacity Wipes for Industrial Cleaning Purposes

  • Low lint paper
  • High absorbency & wet strength
  • Tough even when wet
  • Lighter and easier storage than cloth rags
  • More hygienic than cloth rags

Lint-Free Wipes

Lint-Free Wipers for Industrial Use

  • Lint-free wipes for all your wiping needs!
  • Wipes off any dirt, liquid, oil, chemical or solvent
  • 3x more effective than a cotton rag
  • 1 Box of 400 shts = 2 Bags of 20kg Cotton Rags
  • Reduced waste disposal costs (<RM0.10 per wipe vs >RM0.30 per rag)
  • Reusable, durable and highly absorbent

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