Brands & Models Offered:

Grundfos CR, CRI, CRN & CRT

General Description & Key Features:

Space saving, in-line pumps with 2 or more impellers mounted on the same shaft are used in applications where a high head is needed. This creates a pumping in series effect to achieve higher pressure while maintaining high efficiency. Pumps are available in a variety of materials and configurations to handle corrosive liquids, high temperature or high pressure requirements.

StandardsTo manufacturer's standard
Areas of ApplicationCold & hot water pumping. Pressure boosting for
production lines, buildings, boilers, RO systems, etc.
- Sea Water / process liquids and chemicals
Maximum Flowrate170m3/hr
Maximum Pressure48 bar
Corrosion ResistanceHigh
Maximum Solids HandlingNone
Viscosity HandlingLow
Maximum Liquid Temperature180 °C
Material of Construction OptionsCast Iron, Stainless Steels & Titanium
Sealing OptionsCartridge Seal, double seal & Magnetic Drive Sealess

* Technical data furnished above are for general indications only

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