Brands & Models Offered:

Peerless Turbine & Anavalos Turbine

General Description & Key Features:

Robust pump design to pump liquids from a wellor pit. With the motor placed above the waterline, and a long pump shaft to connect the motor or engine to the pump inside the pit. Pump can consist of multiple semi-open or enclosed impellers, also known as stages. An alternative choice for a fully submergent pump.

Suitable for handling clean or dirty liquids.

StandardsTo manufacturer's standard
Areas of ApplicationMunicipal water supply, fire fighting, industrial
& agricultural waste water, mine dewatering,
turf irrigation, paper mills, water amusement parks
and barge unloading markets, sea water handling
Maximum Flowrate5000m3/hr
Maximum Pressure40 bar
Corrosion ResistanceHigh
Maximum Solids Handling2 inch
Viscosity HandlingLow
Maximum Liquid Temperature40 °C
Material of Construction OptionsCast Iron, Stainless Steels & Special Alloys
Sealing OptionsNo seal required

* Technical data furnished above are for general indications only

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