Brands & Models Offered:

Grundfos SL, SE, SEG, SEV

General Description & Key Features:

Heavy duty submersible pumps designed for handling large solids, stringy solids and abrasive solids. Available in channel, vortex or grinder type impellers.

StandardsTo manufacturer's standard
Areas of ApplicationPumping sewage and wastewater in a
wide range of municipal, private and
industrial applications
Maximum Flowrate9000m3/hr
Maximum Pressure12 bar
Corrosion ResistanceHigh
Maximum Solids Handling10 inch
Viscosity HandlingLow
Maximum Liquid Temperature40 °C
Material of Construction OptionsFully Cast Iron or Stainless Steel or Duplex
Sealing OptionsDouble Seal on submersible motor

* Technical data furnished above are for general indications only