Brands & Models Offered:

Grundfos CRN Magnetic Drive, Pan World, ITT Totton

General Description & Key Features:

The motor is coupled to the pump by magnetic means rather than by a direct mechanical shaft. A drive magnet attached to the motor drives the pump rotor, which is magnetically coupled. They are often used where leakage of the liquid pumped poses a great risk.

StandardsTo manufacturer's standard
Areas of ApplicationSuitable for applications where liquid leakage can
not be tolerated. Eg. pumping hazardous or toxic
liquids, installation within electrical machines
Maximum Flowrate120m3/hr
Maximum Pressure25 bar
Corrosion ResistanceHigh
Maximum Solids HandlingNone
Viscosity HandlingLow
Maximum Liquid Temperature120 °C
Material of Construction OptionsStainless Steel, Polypropylene, PVC & PVDF
Sealing OptionsSealess

* Technical data furnished above are for general indications only

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