Positive Displacement

Brands & Models Offered:

Sandpiper, All-Flo, Wilden

General Description & Key Features:

Pneumatically powered, self-priming, portable double diaphragm pump.

Pump suitable for handling clean or dirty liquid.

StandardsTo manufacturer's standard
Areas of ApplicationWaste water. Viscous or abrasive chemical transfer,
i.e. paint, glue, slurry, etc
Maximum Flowrate50m3/hr
Maximum Pressure13 bar
Corrosion ResistanceHigh
Maximum Solids Handling3 inch
Viscosity HandlingHigh
Maximum Liquid Temperature120 °C
Material of Construction OptionsCasings in aluminium, SS, Cast Iron, PVC, PVDF, etc.
Diahparagms in Rubber, Neoprene, PTFE.
Sealing OptionsSealess

* Technical data furnished above are for general indications only

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